For over 8 years BAC has been used with thousands of pets and animal companions in America, with success for most.  People are using BAC with their pets for prevention of health issues and in many cases for alleviating degenerative conditions of all sorts.

Macintosh Beats the Cancer Odds
               “Macintosh (Cairn Terrier, 10 years, 23 lbs) was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and had surgery to remove the cancer tumor and spleen. He was given an estimate of 6 months to live (if lucky) after surgery. He is getting BAC and is enjoying life now, more than 36 months (as of Nov 2007) after the procedure and still doing well. Thank you for helping Macintosh beat the cancer odds and giving him a new lease on life.  – N.A.”


Chronic Renal Failure

My 17 year old cat, Brindee was diagnosed with CRF in March. Her BUN was 48, Creatinnine Clearance 4.0. While researching treatment options I found BAC and ordered it immediately. Within a week, Brindee had more appetite, energy and was more social than she’s been in years! Two months later her Bun was down to 42, Creatinnine Clearance down to 3.4! My vet was very surprised to say the least. That’s when I told him about BAC. I’m documenting Brindee’s progress.  – T.C.

I was told to put my dog out


“I was told to put my dog out, that it had a few weeks to live. With natural food, bottled water and the Bio-Algae Concentrates, my giant Schnauzer had 10 additional months of comfortable and happy life. Thank you for all your help. – Thor B., Virginia USA.”

Swelled Lymph Nodes

 “My dog Harley was diagnosed with Lymphoma Sarcoma in February 2004. My naturopathic vet recommended your product, though he had not yet used it in his practice. I ordered BAC and started giving him  dailyy. His lymph nodes “disappeared” (shrunk to normal) within 2 weeks… – Kim B, Seattle, Washington, June 2004”

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