For over 8 years BAC has been used by people in America, with success for most.  People are using BAC for prevention of health issues, and in many cases, for alleviating degenerative conditions of all sorts.  I am relating a few cases below.


I just wanted to share with you some great news. I got my mother in law on BAC because she has leukemia. Her doctor wanted to put her on all this medicine for her rising cholesterol and white blood cells. She told him to wait one month and she would get blood work again and they could go from there. Just after one month with BAC (she didn’t change anything else) her levels all dropped.

  • Total cholesterol 258 to 185!
  • Triglycerides 223 to 135!
  • Bad cholesterol 163 to 112!
  • White cell count went back to normal!

The doctor asked her what meds he put her on, thinking he forgot to write it in her chart. Smiling back she said “none”, and proceeded to tell him about the supplement. He just rolled up his eyes, even after seeing her results in the blood work! Go figure, maybe some day he’ll choose to look into it for his clients.  I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing product. It has also helped tremendously with my Newfoundland who has kidney disease.  Thanks – Shannon, Paws & Claws, Breckenridge, Colorado


Brenda, a 32 years old woman from California, shared her experience of using BAC as follows:  “I have had no seizures in 10 months – I have suffered from epileptic seizures since I was a child. When taking medication I would get seizure 3 to 4 times per week. Without medication I could get them daily. With BAC and without medication I have not had one seizure since the first day I started taking bio-algae concentrates six months ago now. Because of my success I recently gave some BAC to my cousin and he has not had seizure in seven weeks

When Brenda related her continuing success with BAC, I was curious and I asked Dr. Kiriac about the mechanisms of action between BAC and Brenda’s amazing results.  As usual his answer was humble. He said:

Roland, we don’t know much about brain diseases. We know there are billions of brain cells and synapses and on/off electrical connections and requirement for nutrients and resulting cellular energy, growth, protection and regeneration. We know there are parts of the brain that regulate rational thoughts and others that regulate basic motor controls. We know that certain areas of the brain are more likely than others to be involved in seizure activity. The motor cortex, which is responsible for body movement, and the temporal lobes, including the hippocampus, which is involved in memory, are particularly sensitive to biochemical changes (e.g., decreased oxygen level, metabolic imbalances, infection) that provoke abnormal brain cell activity.

               The greatest value of using BAC is its direct influence on the hypothalamus / pituitary relationship. This glandular cortex is responsible for all metabolic activities in our body. When this life critical cortex is properly nourished and energized, it holds the power to command the body metabolisms back to balance and health via a myriad of hormones and peptides. For example, one important metabolism is the nutrients to energy conversion (Krebs cycle/ATP) for which the balance in salt/sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium is critical. This electrical and atomic energy generation occurs unceasingly in each mitochondrion of every trillion cells of our body including those at the root of epileptic seizures” .

We have since witnessed new success with BAC and epilepsy in children and adults. BAC is easy to use; there is no known medical contra-indication, it’s a food, its non-toxic, and there are no negative side effects.


In February 2004, a Boulder, Colorado MD reported to me Daniel’s case and suggested we followed his progress together. Daniel had been diagnosed HIV positive years earlier and was seeing his condition worsening alarmingly. Following our recommendations to use BAC and to change his eating habits, Daniel saw his viral load dropped significantly in a few weeks. Let me show you a perspective of continued progress in his words:

I am HIV positive. I just got my latest lab work back and it’s great! My viral load is stable at about 10,000 (the nurse practitioner said she was very surprised just how stable that it is), and my T-cells are up over 400! That’s the highest they’ve been in over a year. If you will recall, exactly one year ago my viral load was at 139,000 and the T-cells barely over 250, prompting the docs to want to start me on meds. But then I started the BAC.  I am especially impressed with the numbers because since October, when I returned from Brazil, I’ve been dealing with some very difficult emotions like grief, sadness, and some depression. There has been a lot of stress as I’ve tried to find a job (still looking). Also, I haven’t been very strict nutritionally as that has been difficult as well. Given these factors, I’m so thrilled that my numbers are so good. It gives me new energy and motivation to eat right, and continue trying to make good lifestyle choices. But I think if it weren’t for the bio-algae concentrates, the picture would look very different right now. Thank you!   – Daniel – February 2005.”

Following another test in May 2006, Daniel sent this note.  “My latest results show a drop in viral load to just over 5,000. My CD4s are stable at 414. Interestingly, my numbers continue to look good despite huge amounts of stress at my work.  But I continue to take the BAC and the numbers are either stable or have actually improved“.  At the time when this edition was published, Daniel has continued to keep the disease in check without medications and their side effects, without long term liver damage, and only with a few capsules of BAC per day. As commented by Daniel, he is doing well, even without being “perfect” with his diet and under a lot of stress.

Lyme Disease

I have been very ill for 4 years. I was bit by a tick carrying Ehrlichia and Lyme disease. Unknown to me at the time, the head of the tick was left in my side. Four months later, I was bitten several times by a Brown Recluse Spider. Between the two bites I got very ill, bedridden for 4 weeks and even with massive medical intervention, I almost died. For one year, I suffered with severe joint and muscle pain and headaches. I was often weak and couldn’t get comfortable in any position.  I started taking BAC and within a few weeks of starting a friend that knew of my condition who had not seen me in a while asked me what I was doing because she said I looked great. Well, I thought about it and realized I had been feeling better and the only change that I had made was that I had been taking BAC. I am a true believer that BAC has brought me back to a healthy functioning person. – Robin H.

Glaucoma and Osteoporosis

“My pressure for the Glaucoma continues to be good. As well, my bone density had improved so much over the space of a year that my doctor could not believe the readings! I am still taking nine capsules daily and trying to space them at one and a half hour intervals. –  Gail, USA”

Energy, Stamina and Mood

“Instead of the usual 2 pm slump I experienced in the afternoon, my energy level is maintained throughout the day. I feel well-fed on this product. My body feels nourished.  – M. Bennett, USA”

Kidney Function Improved to 24%

               “Now kidney function is up to 24%, a 6% increase over the last twelve months. I feel certain BAC is the reason. I have been taking BAC for over a year now. My diet otherwise is awful. I have been eating one meal every other day. I like that and hope for more improvement since the prognosis a year ago was only eventual dialysis. – F&BB, CA”


No Need for Surgery

               “I was a lineman for the local power company for many years and suffered with very painful knees most of that time. My doctor said I would have to have both knees replaced which I wasn’t looking forward to, so I put it off. A couple years ago a friend introduced me to BAC and after taking it for only a few weeks, I had absolutely no pain and there was no need for any surgery. I am completely retired now at 74 but very active and busy gardening and mowing lawns for people. I also clear snow for them in the winter with no pain whatsoever.   G. Fenske, Wisconsin”

Sports and Athletics

During the 2000 Winter Games held in St. Petersburg Russia, BAC was compared with two other supplements – Ginseng and a Chinese herb.  It was reported as best by the Russian hockey team for general pain reduction, particularly knee pains as well as faster and better recuperation of energy and blood oxidation after games.  Igor Kravcuk and Pavel Bure, team members and NHL players, sponsored the test and carried BAC to the team in Russia, as well as reported this success to Dr. Kiriac in Montreal.

International Wrestling Champion

I have been taking this supplement now for a while, I started training three weeks ago and the improvements that I make are just insane. I take three in the morning and three in the afternoon and my friends, who are professional fighters, all ask me what I am using. Strength-wise and endurance-wise I am making crazy improvements.  My neighbor is 56 years old, he used to be Stallone’s bodyguard for 17 years, and he’s taking it too and can’t believe what he’s doing right now, training hard and recovering like crazy.   I truly believe that it can be only because of the BAC, since that’s the only thing I use.  Everywhere I come people ask me what my training routine is, when I tell them that I started training three weeks ago after a 14 month layoff, they don’t believe me.  Many will think for sure that I am doing something illegal, like steroids, but trust me, that stuff I don’t use, they can actually test me with ANY test they want, and if they want to put their money where their mouth is, I will be happy that bet right away, I can always use some extra cash!  Try it out and see how it works for you, what do you have to lose right?  Godspeed!  Bas Rutten – three times Undefeated King of Pancrase (Hybrid Wrestling)

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