An epidemic of various cancers was decimating the pig population around Voronezh area in Russia.  Following the resounding success with the poultry industry in Moldova, the prestigious Moscow Academy of Sciences became very interested in the BAC research and results.  It was suggested (an order and honor you did not refuse) that Mr. Kiriac join the team in Voronezh to build a second bioreactor and research center, then proceed immediately to stop the local epidemic of cancers with the pig population.

Voronezh was the premier biologic research center and the largest and most influential scientific health center in the former USSR and in all of Europe. Shortly after the arrival of Mr. Kiriac, a bioreactor was built and the exact BAC blends for pigs were developed.  Within one year, the epidemic was under control and the cancers subsiding. Remarkable results were obtained with pigs starting with the second generation when applying the hybridizing (cross breeding) of species.  There was general productivity increases with augmentation in the number of newborn per litter, an increase in survival rate from 98% to 99%, genetic health increases transmitted to next generations, and significantly better tasting meats. Similar positive results had been observed with cows, minks, and rabbits.  Noticeably, the best results were obtained when working with animals born of parents fed BAC in their feed starting at least 10 to 12 days before conception.

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