Four years later, Michael, with a high school diploma in hand, was eager to absorb everything the Moldova Academy of Sciences could teach him about disease and health.

After three years of intensive study in Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Biology, Michael began to realize that we are cellular beings, nourished by other cells of nature, and that Nutrition has the potential to surpass the “break and fix” approach to medicine by preventing degeneration and empowering cells to thrive as nature intended them to do.

At the same time, Soviet policy demanded research to be done at many universities to end the pandemic of cancers running rampant throughout Eastern Europe and Western USSR in the 1970’s.  The Moldova Academy of Sciences agreed with Michael’s professors that his desire to focus on organic nutrition was worthy and sponsored research at his university, beginning a long and fruitful association that would give him superior research opportunities.

He focused his research on identifying foods that would far exceed the modest results that raw, organic and green natural foods had already been shown to provide.  Michael knew then that he could make a difference in people’s lives and he decided to dedicate his life to health via natural nutrition.  To that end, he took a degree in Cellular Nutrition in 1973.

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