As discussed in this booklet, BAC is optimum nutrition and as such, is involved in many important body functions.  It is almost unbelievable that a safe, natural substance, can be that effective for so many different types of conditions.  Even I as the author was skeptical about BAC in the beginning.  However, a thorough review of the scientific evidence, meeting with so many people, their health success stories, combined with an understanding of how BAC works in the body, makes it far easier to accept that BAC provides so many benefits.

For example, it becomes easy to comprehend why BAC is so safe when you know that algae have been created by Mother Nature billion of years ago and have always remained the “first” food. It’s the food of plankton, small fish, and salmon.  Microalgae are also known as “the bottom of the food chain” because they offer the most nutrients with the least toxicity per gram.

When fed the right raw materials, the human body has internal controls and mechanisms to keep it healthy and protected against damaging free radicals.  BAC is one of those unsurpassed raw materials that allows witnessing this self-healing miracle in action.

Because of its involvement with most vital biochemical processes that affect human health, it is easy to understand why BAC can benefit a far wider range of conditions in addition to cancer.  Over the years, Professor Kiriac has applied BAC successfully to treat many of our modern diseases and has shown the tremendous nutraceutical and therapeutic power of BAC in alleviating most degenerative diseases.

BAC now helps thousands of people in Europe, Canada and the USA, and provides health benefits for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, liver disorders, Osteoarthritis, Glaucoma, endocrine gland disorders, depression, allergies, arthritis, nervous system and immune system disorders, anti-aging, sports and fitness, and more.

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