• Nominated Moldova Person of the Year in 1987, Mr. Kiriac was nominated the person of the year in his country of Moldova for his resounding achievement and success at the most economically significant poultry center which provided considerable financial return for Moldova. A 150 minute’s documentary film was made for the occasion and introduced on national television by Mr. Ciubuk, then Prime Minister of Moldova, and by the Minister of Finance.
  • Gold Medal – New Technology for Algae Production – Iasi, Romania. This innovation was applied in the largest poultry farms of Moldova and was recognized at the International Exhibition for Research in Industrial Invention, 1994.
  • Silver Medal – Element of Protein Synthesis – Pittsburgh USA. This innovation was well received and recognized during the Show Management Index sm IX., 1995.
  • Gold Medal & Special Award – Earth Ecology – (Brussels, Belgium 1995) Industrial Use of Poultry Waste (Droppings). Invention honored and recognized during the International Eureka Show, granted by deheer Lue Van Den Bossch. The goal of this innovation was the elaboration of a new technology, which uses transformed poultry droppings at an industrial level.
  • Nominated Professor (Education and Human Rights to Health) by the International Association of Educators for International Peace (AEIPM), and the International Consultative Organization (UNESCO, UNICEF, ECOSOC/ONU).
  • Awarded Honorary Diploma in recognition of his international activities, in the social, humanitarian, cultural, scientific, health, education, and philanthropic domains. Award given by the International Association of Educators for International Peace (AEIPM), and the International Consultative Organization (UNESCO, UNICEF, ECOSOC/ONU).
  • Nominated Doctor in Philosophy by the International Political and Cultural Sciences Academy – Brussels, Belgium, 2001.
  • Gold Medal – Prof. Kiriac received for his efforts supporting the ills of Chernobyl with BAC, 2001.
  • Gold Medal – Invention BAC for Animals – International Eureka 2002 – Brussels, Belgium
  • Gold Medal Jury’s Mention – Invention BAC – International Eureka 2001 – Brussels, Belgium
  • Nominated Academician of Merits with Scientific Mention and Jury’s special mention in recognition of his activities by the International Scientific Academy Life Universe Nature (A.S.I.V.U.N.) – Toulouse, France.
  • Great Minds of the 21st Century – The Governing Board of Editors of the American Biographical Institute has selected Professor Kiriac as a Great Mind of the 21st Century due to his significant accomplishments within and mastery of Alternative Medicine. Documented in the premier edition of Great Minds of the 21st Century, reserved for Men and Women whose Accomplishments and Influences are the Results of Superior Conditioning of the Intellect.
  • Cross of the Legion, Highest award from the Commission, 52nd Eureka 2002 Inventions and Technologies, Brussels, Belgium.

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