As a result of political changes beginning in 1989, the USSR rapidly disassembled in a short period causing major economic, political, and geographical changes for the entire region.  Mr. Kiriac was looking forward to the breakdown of the Berlin wall and of the communist system, as were most of his countrymen.  Without the impediment of the USSR central government’s bureaucracy, he envisioned a strong democratic economy in which they would be able to rapidly promote the concepts of BAC: socialistically to help people and commercially for the livestock industry.

Contrary to his hopes, the breakdown of the USSR brought out more endemic social problems of alcoholism, general apathy, and laziness resulting from the many years under a communist regime.  Worse yet, this allowed for criminals and the mafia to reign.  All these factors greatly affected the budgets for BAC research and the launch of algae and organic farming.  Moldova regained its independence, but was left with significant economic hurdles and problems.

Nevertheless the next year, as part of the continued research projects, Mr. Kiriac made the proposal to create a BAC bioreactor on the volcanic peninsula of Kamchatka, Siberia.  In contrast to the bureaucratic and controlling rules in place at the time in Russia, this project was pushed through and approved within one week.  Even under budget constraints in post-USSR Russia, Mr. Kiriac was able to obtain continued support in subsequent years.

The Kamchatka bioreactor was built in the next four months and proved to deliver more than what Mr. Kiriac had expected.  He had selected this specific location because of the presence of extraordinary volcanic nutrients in the water.  This ideal water contained 92 and more trace elements, including selenium and sodium bicarbonate, all naturally occurring in an ideal temperature of 35° to 37° C (95° to 99° F).  This was a perfect base solution for BAC and allowed the presence of the best Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) within BAC, some of them yet unknown to science.

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