In 1989, an epidemic of various cancers was decimating the mink population in Siberia, mostly around the large city of Omsk.  The mink industry in the USSR was an important and historically beloved industry because of minks’ superior fur.  Once again, the Nutrition department of the Moscow Academy of Sciences ordered Mr. Kiriac to join the team in Omsk to eliminate the cancers and save the industry.

The first order was to build a local bioreactor, providing BAC for the project as well as for the region in the future.  The effort proceeded to fine-tune the right BAC concentrate blends for minks and to add them to their diet.

By the following year, the epidemic was under control and the cancers subsided.  This was further evidence of the power of BAC, which created greater support for Mr. Kiriac, who was by now respected for his research and success.

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