Whole food. In natural and holistic nutrition it is certain that whole foods are the way nature meant for us to nourish ourselves and that quality, not quantity, counts. For example, a minuscule amount of Vitamin C as it occurs in the whole orange or green pepper is tremendously more nutritionally functional than a mega dose of isolated ascorbic acid.

Organic. The “Bio” in Bio-Algae Concentrates means that it is of a living organism, that it is not isolated or separated or synthetic or chemical. It is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and without antibiotics, growth hormones or other dangerous additives.

Micro food. This is a key characteristic of BAC that explains why such nutritional power can reside in such a small quantity. BAC contains microalgae that hold extraordinary nutritional value for their size. The microalgae in BAC are invisible to the naked eye while they deliver more nutrients than any visible food particle. Furthermore, they contain no extraneous material like fiber, fat, bulk, and water. That makes BAC extremely digestible, non toxic, and with minimal assimilation and elimination burden for the body. BAC is pure energy.

Complete. Most foods, like an apple, are whole within themselves. But an apple does not contain many of the required nutrients that we need to sustain life. BAC is not only whole, but it is also the most complete food on earth containing amounts of all daily required nutrients and thousands more. There are over 5,000 known nutrients in BAC including Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K, all known minerals and trace elements, all known amino acids, a full protein makeup, chlorophyll, an array of mixed carotenoid antioxidants, and thousands of enzymes.

Balance. There are four microalgae in BAC. Each is a whole food and is naturally balanced within itself as most food is. However, anytime you mix different foods together you must be concerned with the chemical interactions as per the science of food combination. For example, eating watermelon over a steak is a nutritional disaster that will cause digestion problems. It took 9 years of intensive research to formulate the optimum balance found in BAC, patiently selecting the most compatible algae amongst the thousands investigated.

Bioavailability. BAC has an exceptionally high overall utilization ratio with no resulting toxicity. For example, its human active proteins have a 95% net utilization ratio while its calcium has a net utilization ratio over 80%. Several of its nutrients, like beta carotene, alpha carotene, and astaxanthin, are proven to penetrate the blood brain barrier. This sort of bioavailability and net utilization is possible because of the mentioned previous characteristics – whole food, organic, complete, micro food, and balance.

Synergy. At the molecular level, synergy is real. Synergy is what makes a violinist a virtuoso and a string orchestra the Boston Philharmonic.  Once the 5,000 nutrients in BAC are subjected to digestive enzymic breakdown, they further explode into 50,000 sub nutrients and millions of sub molecules synthesized during digestion as enzymes, proteins, and other molecules that are generated at the mouth as amylase, at the pancreas as protease, disassemble and re-organized further at liver and assimilated into the blood and distributed within seconds by the flow of blood across the entire body to nourish trillions of cells.

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