The Genius, like any other part of the body, is comprised of billions of cells, each having a task of its own survival and a specific role. Logically, when the cells that makeup the Genius are healthy and doing their work, then the Genius will perform its overseer role adequately. By deduction, it stands that when the cells that make up the Genius are not healthy and not doing their work, then the Genius will not perform its overseer role adequately.

In order to be healthy and perform their work well, cells need hundreds of nutrients required daily. Only when these nutrients and their energy giving material are supplied will the cells grow, repair, defend from attacks, and perform their specialized metabolic functions.

Because of protective barriers to the brain, the Genius and its billions of cells are more difficult to reach and nourish adequately than the cells in other parts of the body.  With aging or disease, this task of nourishing those cells becomes even more difficult and we become less efficient at assimilating nutrients from our foods. This problem is initiated by poor choice of foods, by deficiencies in our diet, and by other intoxicating stressors.  Often it is compounded because our foods are depleted of nutrients and/or inassimilable. These problems are sometimes present at birth due to genetics, lifestyle and deficiencies, or they might manifest early during infancy due to poor nutrition.

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