Michael Kiriac told me that BAC was extremely efficient food that resulted in optimum cellular health.  In our various talks, he always brought health to the cellular level.  He suggests that there is only one disease; cellular disease, and one health; cellular health.

In a “purist” holistic perspective, disease (non-health) can be demystified when you work with the cellular level.  Let’s be realistic; disease and their symptoms reside first at the cellular level.  Let’s even be scientific; after all, we are made up of hundreds of trillions of intelligent living cells which in turn make up our organs, bones, tissues, blood, and brain.  In this model, unhealthy cells lead to unhealthy organs, unhealthy organs lead to deficient metabolic activities, and this in turn leads to symptoms, to which we give a disease name. It is safe to say that once you are diagnosed with a disease that the problem is systemic and its causes have been manifesting in every cell of the body for some time.  We don’t catch diseases, we make them over time.  In the true scientific view, disease is at the cellular level.  Let me describe cellular disease in four (4) points:

  1. Once symptoms of disease are manifesting (as in hypoglycemia, cholesterol, or high blood pressure), most cells of the body are likely toxic, deficient in nutrients and energy, and are likely less efficient in conducting their myriad of survival activities: repair, detoxification, growth and re-generation, and their specialized contribution as in “insulin” production of certain pancreatic cells.
  2. At the next level, due to those cellular deficiencies, the organs are now less efficient in conducting their own metabolic function. For example, with hypoglycemia, we say that the pancreas is sluggish in regulating the blood sugar with adequate insulin.
  3. Realize now, that the Genius which is also made of cells, is itself affected by these same cellular deficiencies and rendered less efficient at regulating metabolisms, like that of blood sugar, pH (acidity/alkalinity), and even the heart beat. You’ve got a serious problem when the Genius itself is atrophied.
  4. Aggravating the problem, after years and decades of metabolic inefficiencies (improper pH, blood sugar, temperature, fats, etc.), the Genius and its allies – the endocrine glands – have become tolerant of these improper metabolic values. The Genius has become miss-programmed; it now thinks it is in a “healthy” state of health.  As in hypoglycemia, when the Genius has become lazy in regulating those cells of the pancreas responsible for insulin production, we have a chronic condition which we choose to name “diabetes”.

At this degenerative stage rest assured that many other cells operate poorly and other symptoms manifest at the organ and metabolic level; you now have poor Krebs/ATP cycle and cellular exhaustion, mal-assimilation, mal-absorption and poor detoxification and elimination, deficient protein synthesis, sluggish osmosis of water (dehydration), deficient oxygenation (hypoxia). There is chronic acidity and resulting acidosis; not only do you have incorrect pH levels, but because of inefficient flushing of cellular debris, you have accumulated acid ashes inside and between the cells.  These conditions have lead to infestations of bacteria and parasites (fungus, yeast and Candida), to “bad” fats (high cholesterol) and lack of viscosity.  Frequently there is crystallization of fats and other unassimilated debris into plaque and arthritis.  Your food / nutrients assimilation and elimination is deficient; you have lost your healing energy, your healing force, and it’s now a vicious cycle.

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