So, the following year, he moved to Montreal with his wife Liudmila and daughters Rodika, 17, and Stefana, 11.  Contrary to his hope, the transition to Canada was much more stressful and sobering than anticipated.  Their first realization was that learning Quebec’s two languages – French and English – would take at least a year, and this would slow up his ability to open his business and earn a living.  In addition, finding work was not as easy as expected – Quebec had a high unemployment rate at the time and the competition was fierce.  Before he could establish his business, he had to work for other providers of health products and solutions.

Compounding his problems, coming to Canada he had left not only his birth family and his homeland – he had left all his support systems.  In retrospect, he could have immigrated to Europe as the European scientific community had already recognized his work and continues to do so with accolades and awards.  European companies did and continue to pursue him to join them because of his scientific research and success.

In addition, the Canadian mainstream medical model, patterned after the UK and the USA, did not honor his naturopathic work.  In fact, the tendency was to suppress it since it ran counter to the concepts of drugs and surgery as the solution to disease and health conditions.

Regardless, he managed to quickly learn how the Canadian capitalist system functions well enough to be back in production in three years.

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