Very soon after his arrival in Canada, Dr. Kiriac came to realize that all of his work and research done in a country far away a long time ago would not cut it in North America.  He knew that he would have to re-prove his work locally in ways that would be credible to the livestock industry and eventually to the people.  As Dr. Kiriac soon discovered, in America it is easier to market a new product for people then it is for the animal industry, which is more rigidly guarded.

I remember early on, when in an effort to help the cause,  I would suggest to Dr. Kiriac to conduct small research projects, he would respond each time in the same way: “Roland, the research is done, this concept, this product is proven already”.  Yet he knew that he would have to conduct small and maybe larger trials in America to gain the trust of the industry and the people.  Being a man of action, he started on this quest to make BAC a reality in America.

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