In 1984, while Mr. Kiriac was nearing confirmation of the optimum combinations of algae and of the technologies of the base solutions in his research, his mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  She attempted to combat the cancer with his latest concepts and knowledge – using raw foods, wheat grass juice, and Spirulina – but not the algae formula, since it was not perfected for humans at that time.  She tragically succumbed to cancer at the age of 80.  It had seemed so possible that his research and efforts could have saved her. This further demonstrated the strong genetic tendency to pancreatic cancer in the family and brought gloom to the remaining family members.

After his mother’s death, Michael turned his pain and heartache into even more determined action and inspiration.  He knew he was close to a breakthrough that could save the rest of his family.  He worked day and night with hundreds of animal test groups.

Finally, after this extremely hard work, many years and thousands of clinical tests, his team had narrowed their focus exclusively on the red Haematococcus algae for its potent Astaxanthin, on the orange Dunaliella for its mix carotenoids, and on the two of the best Spirulina for their broad and complementary nutrient spectrum.  Precise enhancements and combinations of these four prime algae provided the long-awaited blends with superior balance and synergy.

From this point forward, success with larger animal species was rapid as BAC delivered much more potent and absorbable nutrition immediately to cells.  The health of both large and small animal populations was consistently stabilized in four to six weeks, and for many, remission would occur rapidly after due to the innate power that fully nourished and empowered cells to cleanse themselves and split into healthier daughter cells. During those years, parallel experiments and practical applications with humans were ongoing with the researchers themselves and the local medical clinics.  Michael became known as a brilliant young scientist and contributor to the future of mankind.  His discoveries had spread in scientific circles as far as Moscow, including the Academy of Science and the Ministry of Nutrition.

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