While working towards his goal, in 1997, his oldest sister, friend and second mother, Eugenia, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 69.  Dr. Kiriac was still struggling, so he had neither the money nor the equipment to formulate the BAC recipe which he already knew would save his beloved sister – nor was he in a position to contact Ukraine to assist with her treatment.  Upon her death, he was devastated – the pain and frustration were enormous.  At the same time his wife began to suffer severe anemia from the stress of the earlier radiation effects of Chernobyl, the relocation away from close family, and the life change.  The condition was very severe.

He resolved to accelerate production of BAC in Canada.  In addition to his sister’s death and his wife’s condition, Dr. Kiriac became very concerned with the significant levels of diseases in America at large.  Diseases that he was not accustomed to seeing in Eastern Europe included: diabetics, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, a high occurrence of heart and cardiovascular problems, and cancers of many sorts.

Dr. Kiriac attributes these diseases to the poor nutrition habits in our countries, to the high and uncontrolled stress in our lives, the high levels of pollution in the air, and to the processes our foods are subjected to: preservatives, additives, canning, and overcooking.  Sugar, alcohol, drugs, and fast foods are terrible addictions for the vast majority of Canadians and Americans.  Contributing to these problems, there is a significant abuse and misuse of medication and supplements.

Later in 1997, Dr. Kiriac brought BAC alive in Canada to help people with these health problems.  He founded BioNutrition to begin formulating BAC products.  But the harsh realities of life were to delay his plans.  Besides the significant investments required setting up the production, Dr. Kiriac was still in a steep learning curve with the French and English languages, and had to have other employments to survive economically.

Two years later, Dr. Kiriac realized his dream and began distributing BAC in Canada.  The algae are still grown and harvested in the world‘s richest volcanic peninsula of Kamchatka, Russia and then imported to Canada for blending, encapsulating, and bottling under strict quality assurance.  He remains a pioneer in the industry and continues to consult other growers about advanced alga-growing technologies, which he invented.

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