Moving rapidly from project to project would seem to be forced by the USSR. Mr. Kiriac’s growing reputation in the nutrition research circles, especially in the Ministry of Science, allowed him the opportunity to become a much respected leader.  He was then able to influence the formation and to head projects that he felt would be most beneficial to his goal of proving that nutrition is the best healing and health source for animals and humans, especially in the many epidemics of cancers in the USSR.

Although the Ministry of Nutrition Science was somewhat influenced by the USSR’s medical system, which like the USA system imposes rules such as using antibiotics, he stopped short of embracing all their concepts:  he did not vaccinate his animal subjects and focused on nutrition as opposed to drugs.

His published papers showed great scientific progress towards his ultimate goals.  Had the USSR maintained its strong world presence, Mr. Kiriac’s goal could have become a reality:   make the USSR a world leader in nutritional solutions to suppress disease and promote health.  During this period, the USSR was suffering many threats to its existence:   economic, political, and military.  The continuation of the research was driven by Mr. Kiriac and supported by the ministries and scientific circles which he was part of.

In 1987, Mr. Kiriac was nominated Moldova’s Person of the Year for his resounding achievement and success at the most economically significant poultry center which provided considerable financial return for Moldova.  In honor of the occasion, a lengthy documentary was produced and televised on national TV (Note that most of the photos that you see in this booklet were taken from this documentary film).

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