In December 2001, as the highest educational honor of his life and career, Dr. Kiriac was nominated Professor of Education and Human Rights to Health by the International Association of Educators for International Peace and the International Consultative Organization.  From that day forth, he holds the title of Professor or Professor Doctor Kiriac, to also honor his Doctorate.  With this recognition, Professor Kiriac is entitled to teach at any French language university in Europe.

In November 2002, representing Canada, Dr. Kiriac was awarded honors at the 52nd Eureka International Invention conference held in Brussels, Belgium.  BAC received the highest honors – the Commission’s Cross and Golden Globe Award – BAC was hailed as the best Nutraceutical product in the world!  Over 900 inventions from all over the world were presented at this annual show.  As the rest of the world continues to recognize his work, Professor Kiriac is dedicated to work so that the miracle of BAC will assist the world towards better health and wellness.

Professor Kiriac continues to work closely with health practitioners and directly with patients as often as he can.   He spends most of his time lecturing and training health practitioners that utilize BAC to help their clients in their practices.  He continues his efforts to work closely with health sectors in Canada, providing training to doctors that are currently working with the product in their practice.  BAC is sold in hundreds of vitamin and nutrition outlets and carried by hundreds of health practitioners.

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