All my life I have researched and applied Nutrition for the healing of health conditions. Thirty years ago, I became convinced that Nutrition was the foundation of health that encourages the metabolic system to operate optimally. I learned that ensuring proper cellular nutrition is more complicated than eating well and avoiding excesses in our diet. It is more than adding a few vitamins, healthy foods, juices and nutritional supplements. This will not make much of a difference when our body is already compromised by daily toxin attacks from pollutants in the air, water and foods. Most of the nutrients that we consume are absorbed into our body through the villi of the small intestine (see side bar). The majority takes it for granted that our bodies absorb all nutrition efficiently and completely. Unfortunately, nutrient absorption may be diminished or impaired by stress and what we consume.

This is because we are cellular beings – made up of trillions of specialized cells. Each cell is powered by a series of chemical reactions called the Krebs Cycle, which supplies the energy that every cell needs to carry out its activities. The process requires nutrients, including amino acids, minerals and trace elements. Thus, proper cellular nutrition ensures that the trillions of cells in our bodies are energized as best as possible allowing the cells to grow, repair and perform their functions efficiently. As a result we feel and look better, prevent and fight diseases, and control our weight. The principles of proper cellular nutrition are assimilation, absorption and utilization of the nutrients in our diet, which lead to all-important cleansing, recovery, regeneration and healthy functions of the critical master glands hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal.

The body’s main metabolic balancing control system is comprised of the hypothalamus and its allies the pituitary and pineal glands.  This system is located at the base of the brain and at the top of the spinal column; and connects the organs and other glands in synergistic two-way communication. Via the bloodstream, it receives needed nutrients as well as requests from all the cells in the rest of the body. If the hypothalamus is poorly fed, it does its job less effectively, becoming less and less able to properly control glands, and requests by cells to perform the body’s myriad other functions. Mother Nature will ultimately sentence anyone who consistently breaks the laws of nature to chronic disease and premature death. The number of people in their 40s, 50s and 60s with serious health problems that lead to heart attacks, cancers and strokes is staggering and unnecessary.

When I came to Canada, I realized that in my homeland, the former USSR, we had a better level of nutrition since we lived closer to the land – fresher, more natural foods and less pollution. Only in the ravages of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster did I see the level of the degenerative diseases – cancer, diabetes, Osteoarthritis, allergies, and immune system disorders – that I found in North America. Why is that? Poor nutrition, as described above, is the major problem.

In this booklet, you will learn that Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC) regroup thousands of naturally occurring, balanced and synergistic nutrients to overcome the inefficiencies and blockages in the digestive system for higher nutrient absorption into the body, enhanced regeneration of all cells including the villi and microvilli in the small intestine, reduction of the load on the cleansing organs of the body, and the awakening of a sluggish hypothalamus. The downward spiral is reversed into an upward spiral that triggers cellular awakening and metabolic healing in the trillions of cells in your body to increase health and vitality, boost your immune and nervous systems and other vital organs.

– Michael Kiriac, PhD

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