With the culmination of several years of research, the resulting micro-nutrient algae concentrates were coined Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC). Compared to the earlier, simpler algae blends, the BAC nutraceutical powers were far superior.  See side note “How are BAC Compared to Algae?”

It was rewarding working with BAC combinations when applied to mice, rats, ducks, chickens, and rabbits because of the its rapid healing effects on the animals. Several test breeds reproduced multiple times within one year, enabling researchers to quickly observe the effect on the next generations.

During this exciting discovery period, Mr. Kiriac realized his dream:  the proper mix and dose of BAC would help the prevention and recovery from many diseases for humans as well as for animals.  Thousands more tests, trials, and applications were carried out with cancer-ill mice, rats, chickens, rabbits, and pigs, as well as with cattle, which in Europe were affected by leukemia.

His ultimate realization was “that what was really at work was the self-healing power of the body in combination with super nutrients”.  Given the enormous offering of nutrients that are naturally occurring in BAC’s balanced and synergistic blend, the body’s innate capacity is triggered to take what it needs to nourish and self-repair.  BAC targets the brain glands via super nutrition, in particular the hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal, because only they and the central nervous system they control are able to powerfully awaken a sluggish immune system. This discovery and research results were published within the Academy of Science.  By then, Mr. Kiriac was driving his research towards solutions for pancreatic cancer in several animal populations with the intent to resolve this disease for the remaining members of his family.  His personal motivation to find cures for pancreatic cancer led to extensive research and the development of many BAC formulations throughout these productive years.

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