It was 1949. Michael Kiriac’s mother, Stefana, was horribly worried for the whole family. Stefana’s father had just died young of pancreatic cancer. Eleven years earlier, the same cancer had claimed the life of her son Simion at age twelve. This kind of genetic weakness often decimated families in the region. Her fears for her family, born and unborn, materialized in a series of tragic deaths from pancreatic cancer. Michael Kiriac was destined to finally stop the tragedies for his family and thousands of other families – but it took 40 years. His magnificent story follows.

Michael was born in 1952 in Kishinev, Moldova, then part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), as the youngest of ten children in a single-story, three-bedroom house. His father, Ignat, worked as a laborer on the local farms. Michael loved his father, who was healthy, strong and worked hard all his life.
A poor but simple country lifestyle provided the opportunity to live close to the land, eat fresh home-grown foods, and fast at times, according to the local orthodox religious traditions. His many older siblings challenged and tutored him from a young age, accelerating his early learning and fueling his innate curiosity of nature’s fascinating ways.

From an early age Michael began to help family members, neighbors, and friends with headaches, back problems, and other maladies. He learned to employ diverse local herbs, oils, recipes, herbal blends known as poultices, as well as Bioenergetics – a hands-on energy modality. Michael was already demonstrating a remarkable understanding of what bodies need for health.

In the continuing family tragedy, Ignat Kiriac was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August of 1964 and died a few months later. Nothing could be done – the disease was sudden and death was rapid. It shook everyone in the family.

The family had been dependent on father’s salary, even though the USSR’s system supported their housing. Shock and doom swept the whole family, leaving young Michael astounded that all the discoveries and progress of science were powerless to stop the tragedy. Filled with burning questions about cancer, life and death, and the shortcomings of medical science, he resolved to devote his life to the search for answers.

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