Tragedy again struck the Kiriac family in 1977.  Michael’s first-born, Julian, fell ill and died at four months.  Not until then was it discovered he had a systemic endocrine cancer.  His devastated family was resigned that it was the unfortunate genetic disposition to the glandular cancer his parents and many siblings suffered.

But not Michael; he was convinced that he could make a difference with nature’s complete nutrition.  From then on, his research focus turned to human solutions as much as possible.  He knew that dramatically improving the health of the cells in humans would not only affect their health but also that of the DNA within the cells.  Further, genetic transmission from cell to cell is influenced by the central nervous system.  Excellent nutrition creates better memory in the nervous system and therefore in the DNA.

Michael believed that cellular and genetic health, as well as a stronger immune system, could be passed on to his future children through their mother, Liudmila.  He was determined more than ever to find the correct combination of micro-algae to not only remedy cancers and other diseases and conditions, but to prevent fatal illnesses in his family.  His wife was among the first to receive the new micro-algae formula as it was developed, leading to the excellent health of his wife and yet-to-be born daughters.

Mr. Kiriac had narrowed down his research to two strains of Spirulina (for their high content of naturally-occurring proteins, vitamins, minerals and enzymes), Dunaliella (for its exceptional vitamin C and mixed antioxidant content) and Astaxanthin (for its superior antioxidant power).  However, when the algae were used singly, the cancers were not eradicated quickly enough or with enough consistency.  New significant steps were yet to be made when, for example, it was concluded that any single base alga by itself lacked either sufficient vitamin C or zinc, or some other co-factor for maximum assimilation of its nutrients, minerals, enzymes, or antioxidants to effectively combat cancer and other degenerative conditions.

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