During the development of Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC) my life has been dedicated to furthering the science and use of these God-given micro-algae nutrients for the health and survival of mankind.  I would like to thank former-President Mikhail Gorbachev for his tenacious moral and financial support during the development of the concentrates amidst many political critics in the USSR.

I would like to thank my extraordinary teachers in Ukraine and Moldova and my close associates G. Rudic, I. Scutaru, and O. Sandu, as well as the many scientific partners who participated in the research and application throughout the development years.  I also thank the numerous clients and health professionals for their testimonials and their trust in Cellular Nutrition.  My special appreciation goes to Roland Thomas for his encouragement and support in the publication of this booklet.  I especially acknowledge my adorable wife Liudmila for her support, her love, and her constant collaboration, and my daughters Rodika and Stefana for their love and support.

Michael Kiriac, PhD


I want to first acknowledge Dr. Michael Kiriac for the breakthrough development of the most advanced nutraceutical superfood available on earth at this time.  For more than 20 years Michael Kiriac developed theories, performed the research, and made discoveries to produce the final product available today for humanity’s benefits.  I want the reader to know of Dr. Kiriac’s heroic contributions to the cause of children and adults sick from the radiation of the Chernobyl disaster.  I have known about the benefits of micro algae for many years, but Dr. Kiriac’s influence has taken my appreciation for Bio-Algae Concentrates’ place in human health to a new level of understanding.  Dr. Kiriac has made groundbreaking contributions to the wellness of humanity.

I want to thank my many friends and clients for sharing their experiences with me.  It is their well-being and encouragement that makes my journey rewarding. Finally, I thank my wife and best friend Linda and my daughters Maryse and Myriam for their unwavering support and understanding, making each of my days worth living for.

Roland Thomas, NMD

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