Bringing Light to the Shadow of Death
The Road to Discovery
Super Nutrition in Algae
Searching for the Best Algae
Another Tragedy turns Focus to Human Solutions
Amazing Production with Bioreactor
Eureka! BAC Supernutrition
Mother’s Cancer Brings Inspiration
Validated Super Nutrition Expands to Millions of Test Animals
Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster – Many Healing
More Projects Multiply the Success
Voronezh Yields a Second Bioreactor
With Success Came Opportunity
Saving the Minks
Siberia’s Volcanic Waters Yield Hot Discoveries
Accolades Prelude Dramatic Changes
North America – Stress and Opportunity
Not the Dreamland Expected
More Tragedy Demands Production Facility
North American Validation of BAC
The McGill University Poultry Study
The Alain Forget Dairy Farm
Saving Merri Mason’s Bighorn Sheep
What pets are saying
What people are saying
Awakening the Genius Within
Problems with the Genius
Optimum Cellular Food for Optimum Cellular Nutrition
How BAC awakens the Genius within?
Properties and Characteristics of BAC
What are the benefits of consuming BAC?
The Many Uses of BAC
Nutritional Recommendations
International Recognition
Summary of Awards

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