Starting in the early 70s, the agencies in the former USSR invested more than 20,000 person-years of research and development to produce Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC) that hold extraordinary nutritional properties. Consisting of blends of the four best algae among over 25,000 available on earth, these concentrates have been tested, proven and used for agricultural and human applications now for more than 15 years. These naturally-occurring nutrient storehouses are enhanced by highly-refined, innovative growth technologies. The resulting synergistic nutraceutical blends are of ideal proportion to far exceed the benefits of any other single alga, algae blend, green food or superfood. Find out how BAC now helps thousands of people in Europe, Canada and the USA providing health benefits for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, liver disorders, osteoarthritis, glaucoma, endocrine gland disorders, depression, allergies, arthritis, nervous system and immune system disorders, and more. Read about this extraordinary achievement and take an inside look at the science and politics within the Soviet Union into the 90s.

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What You Will Learn

The Culmination in Cellular Nutrition

Learn the difference between a worse, a good, and a best food

All About Algae

There are over 100,000 types of algae on earth! Which ones are good for human consumption and why

Awakening the Genius Within

Learn how food fuels our cellular energy, and what “awakening the genius within” means

Reseach in the Soviet Union

While we were landing on the moon, the Soviet Union was busy pushing the envelope researching algae’s medicinal power!

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What others are saying

williamAwakening the Genius Within gives critical, life-saving nutritional information that could change the future for mankind.  Roland Thomas’s exposé of the research performed in Russia makes this little book a fascinating read.

– William Johnson, D.C., N.D., Co-Director of the International Clinic of Biological Cellular Regeneration

Bertie+and+Dr+LemmonDr. Kiriac’s life work and revolutionary concept on cellular nutrition is a must read for conventional or alternative practitioners. From personal experience I have seen many healthy benefits from the Bio-Algae Concentrates for humans and animals.

– Michael W. Lemmon, D.V.M., cofounder and past president of the AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association)

lynne-augustDr. Kiriac’s genius holds a vital key to human and planetary health.” – Lynn August, M.D., Founder and President of Health Equations (

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